Tatty pages. Coffee stains. Crossed out, illegible notes. And some of your staff can’t even read your handwriting on the best of days. Plus, you didn’t notice that Hannah was off on Tuesday because you forgot to check your staff rota before you booked Mrs K for her lash tint.


Myolla takes these problems of running a salon from ow to wow!



Online salon booking system, slick interface



No more late-night last-minute contact begging for a next-day booking. Your customers will be able to see the availability of their staff without disturbing your well-earned slumbers.

And, you can take payment from no-shows. Something your old appointment book can’t do.

So, no more staff holiday mix ups that result in grumpy stylists and unsatisfied customers.

Just… swoosh…

(That’s the sound of an efficiently run salon, managed by Myolla.)

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