woman holding a phone


Love them or hate them, almost everyone has a mobile phone. They entertain us, inform us, and have a handy set of tools that can distract or organise us. That’s not likely to change in a hurry. So, why not take advantage?

Getting digital reminders for appointments can really help a busy person keep on top of their day. Myolla uses emails and optional SMS alerts to help your customers keep in touch with their salons.


Remind me, please!


You have a lot of work to do, every day. The last thing you want is to have to call each of your customers individually to chase them and remind them about their appointments.

And, people forget their appointments. Their reactions can be anything from ghosting you out of embarrassment to hair-tearing frustrations. It happens. But no-shows and lateness can really affect your bottom line.

So, who wouldn’t want a set-and-forget option?


It’s not just helpful for clients



Myolla’s clear, intuitive dashboard, summarises your day so you can browse over your morning coffee.

You can even get it to remind you of your own appointments, so you’ll never have to fob off your tax accountant again!