Hand in hand

Ever got tired of signing up to a brand-new app or system only to find you have to pay extra to get the good stuff? Us too. That’s why we let all our customers use everything, right from day one.

Myolla: no feature restrictions for new customers

You might be starting out, you might be working solo. Either way you don’t deserve a huge bill just to get your appointment scheduling software to work well.

We decided to base things on what’s fair, and grow with your success. So, if you have only one or two business locations, you can use everything on our starter pricing tier.

Our transparent plans make it easy for you to budget efficiently, and best of all, you can use all the good stuff.

So, no restrictions on how many appointments you can make, no restrictions on your service types. You can even do some fancy footwork, and charge different prices for senior stylists, right from day one.

Make the leap to a better way of running your salon admin!

From our first pricing tier to our last, our booking app does everything it’s meant to. So you can stretch your wings and fly. Interested in what Myolla can do for you?

Why not look at our features or, if you’re ready to start, let’s get going!