Make your customers’ experience a great one before they even sit your chair! With Myolla, you can create the best booking experience for your clients, and ensure every step of the journey from start to finish is a great one.

Before the internet, clients would phone or walk in to make their appointments. This meant there would need to be a person available to drop everything and take their call, not to mention keep every single member of staff’s availability in their minds.

But, thanks to digital technology and Myolla, customers are able to book from the comfort of their own home, on laptop, phone, or tablet.

Why is this important?

Customers want to feel special and that the experience they’re booking is an elegant one. So, instead of a tatty appointments book, a sleek, efficient interface makes the world of difference.


myolla salon booking interface


And they will walk into your salon relaxed and looking forward to the important stuff: your excellent stylists!

Myolla is free to try for 30 days, with no credit card details up front. So, you can easily find out how it can work for you!